Evocase SS Transfer Case > Warranty

The Evocase SS comes with a very unique warranty. Firstly, its almost unheard of for a race only transfer case to come with a warranty at all! So here it is plain and simple:

The Evocase SS comes with a 1 year Warranty. The Warranty can be extended annually. All you have to do it return it to us or an authorised dealer for an interim inspection.

Whats covered:

  • The Evocase SS warranty covers any failure deemed to be a result of part failure or build error.
  • We’ll repair the unit free of charge*

Whats not covered:

  • The Evocase SS will not be covered in the event of poor or improper fitting.
  • The recommended oil MUST be used, checked after every race and replaced if contaminated. Oil level must be maintained and checked regularly during each event.
  • At no point should any of the fasteners be tampered with or removed, without written consent from the manufacturer. Interference with the Evocase SS will immediately invalidate your Warranty.
  • You must maintain the Evocase SS correctly. Keep it clean between events. Fit it where it can not be subjected to impacts. Use heat wrap or ceramic coating on an exhaust pipes that are near by.
  • In the event of a failure, no parts other than Evocase SS are covered by the warranty.
  • Labour costs are not covered by the Warranty.
  • *Shipping costs are not covered by the Warranty

Once your 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty is over you can extend it for a further year every year by sending it to us or an authorised inspection shop for an interim inspection. If its given the all clear, we’ll reissue another years warranty, covering it fully.