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Watercooled Add-on Sump plate

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This bolt on modular water cooled add-on will allow Evocase SS temps to be maintained properly. A simple water based coolant setup, much like a charge cooler system can be added to ensure that the optimum running temp of 75-80 degrees C (158-176F) is achieved.

Using a separate water cooled system means that there is no dependancy on another cooling system on the vehicle. Water cooled over direct oil cooling means there is no requirement for a costly heavy oil gear pump capable of moving 250wt oil. It also means that in the event of a failure to the cooling system or more importantly damage to a coolant line or cooler there is no chance of oil loss and subsequent failure.

The water cooled add on has AN6 fitting to allow 8mm (5/16) pipe to be used. It is recommended that a thermostat switch is fitted in the coolant system to give on demand cooling as required.

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