The Evocase SS Dedicated to Off-Road Racing

The Evocase is designed and developed solely with off-road racing in mind. As a result its strength and reliability are never compromised.

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evocase single speed transfer case

See Some Core Features
About the Evocase SS

When the flag drops you need a transfer case that takes everything you can throw at it. The Evocase SS is built for you, its designed to take everything you hit, everytime.

single speed transfer box


Designed with simplicity in order to maximise reliability


Any fitment and any orientation for ultimate flexibility

Super Strong

Superior strength from high quality, precisely engineered components


Built with care, tested for good measure and made to last

True versatility without compromise

The Evocase SS is available with various options to ensure it fits your needs. To get the strongest solution fitment needs to be tailored not off the shelf.

Any Fitment

You can choose from a variety of existing transmission fitment options. We can also tailor a custom fitment solution for you too.

Any Orientation

Left-hand drop. Right-hand drop. Straight drop. Multiple angles. Whichever orientation you need.

Any Direction

Whether you're front engined or rear engined you can run the Evocase SS in either direction. That means no compromise in strength.

Ratio Choices

We cover a range of ratios. With more being added in the future the Evocase SS will slot into your existing transmission setup seamlessly

Output Options

With multiple output options from various flange designs to standard yokes to fit any driveshaft

2 Speed Add-on

A 2 speed add-on option to further usability and meet your needs better.

Design Features that deliver
a bullet-proof transfer case

As racers ourselves we understand the importance of having a reliable, super strong and dependable transfer case. Tie in our years of product development and transmission building experience and we know exactly what the Evocase SS needs in order to do the job race in, race out.

We designed-in simplicity and strength from day one but also added features to take the Evocase SS one step further

CNC Machined Billet Casings

Wide Tooth Chromoly Straight-cut Gears

Huge Roller Ball Bearings

42mm Filler Cap For Easy Oil Changes

Billet Aluminium Cover Plates Finned to Aid Cooling

Continued Development: Future Performance Upgrades Available

Evocase SS transfer case

A transfer case with

To meet your needs best the Evocase SS comes with various options. Pick your flavour or discuss a fully customised option for the ultimate streamlined integration into your existing setup.

See what our clients says
about the Evocase SS

Real, honest feedback from our customers enables us to continually review our products and services. We want to get the best solution for you and as a result the Evocase SS will shine, keeping you moving mile after mile.

single speed transfer case

Super strong solution that meets our needs perfectly. A direct fit to our BMW 8 speed auto with no need for adapters. Sits flat and has yoke outputs to maximise prop length too.

Shabs Piercy

Team Syncro Racing
single speed tcase

I always chasing weight and the perfect quality. I find it in that products. Light strong and perfectly sexy

Nicolas Montador

WSR Offroad & WEP Racing
evocase SS transfer case

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Duncan Smith

Hybrid 4x4

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Check our FAQ

You’ve probably got some questions about the Evocase SS right?
Take a look at our FAQ page and you’ll find the answers you need.

Heres a few of the common questions we receive:

Yes! We offer a range of stock fitment solutions already. We can also cater to whatever transmission you are using and product a custom solution for your needs.

The Evocase SS is designed for off-road use only. Whilst you could use it in a road going vehicle it may be noisier than an OEM transfer case and doesn’t have the facility to disconnect front and rear drive.

Yes! You can use the Evocase SS in any orientation. So you can run the case with Left-hand or Right-hand drops. You can also run it as a Straight drop case too.

Yes! We can ship your Evocase SS anywhere in the world. Add your order to the ‘cart’ and continue to check out. Before confirming your order you’ll be able to calculate the shipping cost based on your final order.

We offer a bunch of output options as stock. Whether you need a yoke or a flange output we’ve got you covered.

YES! We are proud to say yes! the Evocase SS comes with a 1 year warranty, this covers racing. The best bit: if you return the case to us at the end of the warranty for an interim inspection we will reissue another years warranty. Every year.

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If you have any questions, requirements or queries please get in touch with us. Remember to check out our FAQ section too.
We welcome trade enquiries also.

    The Ultimate Off-road Racing Transfer Case

    The Evocase SS is built for you; It'll keep you moving mile after mile

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